Brexit highlights 26 March – 1 April 2018

– A new report was published by the House of Commons European Scrutiny Committee.

– The European Union Committee (House of Lords) produced a new report – Brexit: reciprocal healthcare

– The House of Commons Library produced several research briefings – Legislative Consent and the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill (2017-19): the Joint Ministerial Committee, proposed amendments, and the “Continuity Bills; Brexit: Devolution and legislative consent; EU referendum and alleged breaches of election law (Emergency Debate)

– The Welsh External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee published a new report – Wales’ future relationship with Europe. Part one: a view from Wales

– A new post was published on the Welsh Brexit blog (Cardiff University) – Brexit and Wales

– A new article was posted on the Monckton Brexit blog – Dispute Settlement under the draft Withdrawal Agreement: the Transitional Period

– A report produced by the UK in a Changing Europe was published – Article 50 one year on

– A new post was published on the EU Law Analysis blog – UK nationals and EU citizenship: References to the European Court of Justice and the February 2018 decisions of the District Court, Amsterdam

– Several Brexit-related articles were published on the Free Movement blog – Brexit: settled status and citizens’ rights – what has been agreed?; Brexit, one year on; EU families to fall through Brexit cracks despite settled status agreement [This article also links to project EU families & Eurochildren in Brexiting Britain]

– A new blog post was published on the Bruegel blog – The Brexit Transition Deal

– Several articles were published on the LSE blog on Brexit, among them also the two following – Long read | EU citizens in the UK are in a particularly weak position and need an independent authority to monitor their rights; Why Britain’s habit of cherry-picking criminal justice policy cannot survive Brexit


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