Brexit Highlights 1-15 April 2021

– The Cabinet Office published new guidance – Expressions of interest in relation to UK/EU trade and cooperation agreement arbitrators

– The Law Society published a new set of guidance – Anti-money laundering after Brexit

– The Publication Office of the European Union made a new document available – Brexit, end of transition period. New rules on taxes & custom

– A new article was posted on the EU Relations law blog – Departing from retained EU case law: new Court of Appeal judgment

– New posts were published on the Free Movement blog – Social workers can get settled status for EU kids in care without parental consent;  EU residence documents are no longer valid after 30 June 2021; Late applications to the EU Settlement Scheme; Brexit, costs and Dublin III judicial reviews

– A new article was published on the European Law blog  – In view of the exceptional and unique character’ of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement – an Exception to Separation of Powers within the EU?

– New blog posts were published on the Brexit Institute website, including the following – The Northern Ireland Protocol and the Future of the Union; The Procurement of EU Covid-19 Medical Supplies: Rights and Wrongs of the Joint Procurement Agreements versus Advanced Purchase Agreements

– New posts were published on the Centre on Constitutional Change blog – Union at the crossroads: can the British state handle the challenges of devolution?; Policymaking in an independent Scotland: profound change is possible but unlikely

– New articles were published on the LSE Brexit blog, including the following – The totality of UK-Irish relations is at risk because of Brexit; The role of the European Parliament in managing Brexit

– A new post and a publication were published on the Constitution Society website – Union at the Crossroads: Why the British state must overhaul its approach to devolution; Union at the Crossroads Can the British state handle the challenges of devolution?

– New articles were published on the UK in a Changing Europe website, including the following – Brexit and public support for free movement; The British meat export system post-Brexit; EU nationals: new barriers for Covid-19 support; Brexit: impacts on the arts and culture

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