Brexit Highlights 25 June – 1 July 2020

The Centre on Constitutional Change published new articles- Brexit negotiations: the devolution dimension, Unrequited amity? Irish plans for enhanced British-Irish relations not reciprocated

– New posts were published on the LSE Brexit blog – Long read | Will the UK uphold its commitment to Human Rights?, Squids in: is an October deal on the cards?

The Scottish Parliament Information Centre added a new article- Common frameworks: Progress report

– New articles were published by The UK in a Changing EuropeOne year to go: is the EU settlement scheme working for children?, New Irish government offers no Brexit change, How can relations between the UK’s governments be made more effective?, Can the Brexit transition period still be extended?, Would you buy a used car from one of these men?, FCO, DfID, and the dismantling of UK aid law, UK-EU negotiations: a new optimism?, Negotiating the UK-EU trade agreement, UK-EU talks: will they deliver progress?, EU referendum has changed everything and nothing, Brexit and UK manufacturing, Brexit negotiations: the devolution dimension

The Law Society published new information– SRA business plan consultation 2020/2021

Free Movement published a new article- Downing Street team sent in to investigate work visa system

Cosmopolis published a new blog post– Social Security and Healthcare after Brexit: The UK Government assault on British citizens’ rights

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