Brexit Highlights 7 May – 22 May 2020

The House of Commons Library published new articles – The UK-EU future relationship negotiations: summary of positions, 2020 CJEU Judgments in Summary, UK aid: frequently asked questions, The EU’s Mandate for Negotiating a New Partnership with the UK

– New articles were published by The UK in a Changing EuropeDavid Frost’s letter: whining won’t persuade the EU to play by the rules, Why the level playing field is at risk of ‘regression by default’, Northern Ireland: facing and fixing the post-Brexit democratic deficit, Genuine NI-GB trade should not be subject to customs controls, Does the Covid-19 crisis impact Brexit negotiations?, UK-EU security co-operation after Brexit, Social distancing and the Brexit divide, The Future Relationship texts: an emerging negotiating strategy for the UK?

– A new article was posted on the Scottish Parliament Information Centre website – EU-UK negotiations – seconds out, round 3!

Cosmopolis published new posts– The Withdrawal Agreement and after: EU Citizens’ Rights for the People of Northern Ireland, Post-Brexit Economic Migration Policy after Coronavirus: Time to Change Course

– New posts were published on the LSE Brexit blog – Chilly, with a touch of Frost: 22 May Brexit update, COVID-19 is a reminder of how deeply the UK’s food security is dependent on the EU, Why Britain should allow the UK and EU Parliaments to talk after Brexit, Young Europeans feel uninformed about their rights post-Brexit

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