Covid-19 News 4 May– 11 May 2020

Free Movement published a new article– Coronavirus and the UK immigration system

– New posts were published by The UK Human Rights BlogLeviathan Challenged — the lockdown is compliant with human rights law (Part Two), Covid-19 and Inquests: an update with Peter Skelton QC on Law Pod UK, Juries and Covid-19: protecting the right to a fair trial, Remote advocacy: ALBA Guidelines, Learning lessons the hard way – Article 2 duties to investigate the Government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic — Paul Bowen QC

The House of Commons Library published a number of new articles – Coronavirus: Returning to work, Coronavirus: How might devolution in England be affected?, Coronavirus: Impact on the labour market, Coronavirus: holiday bookings, FAQs: Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, Coronavirus: Separated Families and Contact with Children in Care FAQs (UK), Coronavirus: Childcare FAQs, Coronavirus: Local authorities’ adult social care duties (the Care Act easements), Coronavirus:Update implications for the further and higher education sectors, Coronavirus: FAQs on postponed elections, Coronavirus: Advice on home moves, Coronavirus: Protections from redundancy, Coronavirus: Self-Employment Income Support Scheme

– New articles were published by The UK in a Changing EuropeThe EU’s budget and the Covid-19 recovery plan, Social distancing and the Brexit divide, The non-return of the Premier League & the UK’s coronavirus failings, Immigration in the age of Covid-19

Cosmopolis published a new post– Post-Brexit Economic Migration Policy after Coronavirus: Time to Change Course

– New blog posts were published by The Office for National StatisticsMeeting the challenge of measuring the economy through the COVID-19 Pandemic, Understanding the impact of coronavirus on the workforce, Huge response to virus infection survey underlines the critical role of good statistics in fighting this pandemic

The 36 Group published a new bulletin

– New blog posts were published by The Law SocietyWestminster update: Law Society raises key coronavirus issues with parliamentarians, Using technology to maintain our justice system during the coronavirus pandemic

-The Centre on Constitutional Change published new articles- Why have the UK’s governments diverged on easing lockdown?, Contrasting responses to a common virus

– New articles were posted on the Scottish Parliament Information Centre website – Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Scotland – latest data, Coronavirus (COVID-19) – hub for SPICe material, Contact-tracing apps and coronavirus (COVID-19), How is the Scottish Government supporting businesses through the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic?, Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Scotland’s economy, Coronavirus (COVID-19): How parliaments are working during the pandemic, Timeline of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Scotland, Coronavirus (COVID-19): Constituency support – updated 06 May 2020, Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Frequently Asked Questions – Health, The Barnett formula – is it working for Scotland’s businesses?, Coronavirus (COVID-19): Brexit transition and access to treatments

– The Welsh Parliament published new blog posts- Coronavirus: children’s rights, Coronavirus: who’s doing what?, Coronavirus: fisheries, Coronavirus: poverty, Coronavirus: Senedd procedure, Coronavirus: personal protective equipment

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