Covid-19 News 21 – 26 April 2020

Cosmopolis published new posts- Evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee on Home Office policy on COVID-19/Coronavirus , Webinar on COVID-19 and Immigration: Society of Labour Lawyers

– New blog posts were published by The Office for National StatisticsONS looking internationally during COVID-19, New insights into life under lockdown

The UK in a Changing Europe published a number of new articles- The economics of a sudden, screeching stop, Covid-19: the struggle to agree an EU response, The value of care workers, Covid-19 crisis strengthens case for extension

– New blog posts were published by The UK Human Rights BlogRenewed lockdown, new guidance: new episode of Law Pod UK, A disproportionate interference: the Coronavirus Regulations and the ECHR — Francis Hoar,

The House of Commons Library published new articles – Coronavirus: Impact on the labour market , Coronavirus: Changes to practice and procedure in the UK and other parliaments, Coronavirus: Latest economic data, Coronavirus: Policing the instruction to stay at home, FAQs: Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, Coronavirus: holiday bookings

– A new article was published by The Constitution Unit- Can analogue politics work in an era of digital scrutiny? The negative effect of COVID-19 on the informal politics of Westminster

– Four new updates have been published by The 36 Group- Covid-19 Hub

The Law Society published new blog posts- Four things to think about when considering furlough leave, Westminster update: Joint Committee on Human Rights hears evidence from the lord chancellor

Free Movement updated an article- Coronavirus and the UK immigration system

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