Brexit Highlights 6 – 12 January 2020

– The European Union Committee (House of Lords) published a new report – Brexit: the revised Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration

– The Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Committee published a new report – European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill

– The Regulatory Policy Committee and Department for Exiting the European Union updated its guidance – European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill: RPC opinion

– The Department for International Trade updated its policy paper – Continuing the UK’s trade relationship with Georgia: parliamentary report

– The House of Commons Library published new research briefings and blog posts – Withdrawal Agreement Bill: The financial settlement; The new EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill; The UK’s independent trade policy: Global Britain?; Brexit: devolved legislature business; Euratom; Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill 2019-20; The new EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill

– The House of Lords Library published a new research briefing – European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill: Briefing for Lords Stages

– The Scottish Parliament Information Centre produced a new Brexit update

Senedd Research (National Assembly for Wales) published a new research briefing – The European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill

Slides – Internal EU27 preparatory discussions on the future relationship: “Personal data protection (adequacy decisions); Cooperation and equivalence in financial services” – were made available.

– The Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law published a new report – The European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill and the Rule of Law

– The Institute for Government published a new report – Getting Brexit done. What happens now?

– New articles were published on the Free Movement blog – Charities advising on EU settled status warned to refer complex cases on; 5 Brexit New Year’s resolutions for employers

– New articles were posted on the UK in a Changing Europe blog, including the following – Seeking settled status and permanent residency; How the EU should read Boris Johnson; Post-Brexit trade deals: what do the public think?; A Brexit trade deal by December 2020 won’t be much of a deal at all

– A new post was published on the European law blogPOMFR : Antonina Bakardjieva Engelbrekt, Xavier Groussot (eds), The Future of Europe: Political and Legal Integration Beyond Brexit (Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2019)

– The Centre for Cross Border Studies published a new briefing paper – The need for regulatory cross-border territorial impact assessment: Challenges at the Ireland-Northern Ireland border

– New articles were published on the LSE Brexit blog, including the following – Ursula von der Leyen | Old friends, new beginnings: building another future for the EU-UK partnership; ‘Get Brexit done’: Johnson’s election win won’t allow the EU to move on from Brexit; Scotland is positive about EU citizens, but it needs to do much more to help them integrate; OK, Generation Z – this is how Brexit will affect you

– A new article was published on the UK Constitutional Law Association blog – Alexandra Sinclair and Joe Tomlinson: Brexit Delegated Legislation: Problematic Results

– A new post was published on the Cosmopolis blog – The Allocation of Social Housing and Homelessness Assistance for EU Citizens in the UK after Brexit under the Withdrawal Agreement


– New Brexit-related articles were published in the Modern Law Review; European Business Law Review, and New Law Journal:

Elizabeth Howell, ‘Post-‘Brexit’ Financial Governance: Which Dispute Settlement Framework Should be Utilised?’ (Jan 2020) 83 (1) MLR 128-162.

Marios Koutsias, ‘Exit Britain Enter the Stakeholders: Could Brexit End the Cultural Wars within the European Union Company Law and Give Birth to a Truly “European Company”?’ (2019) 30 (6) E.B.L.R 881-908.

Michael Zander, ‘The EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill (No 2)’ (3 & 10 January 2020) NLJ 15-16.

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