Brexit Highlights 25 November – 1 December 2019

– The Foreign & Commonwealth Office updated its guidance – Trading in rough diamonds after Brexit

– A new article was posted on the Monckton Brexit blog – Fisheries after Brexit

– A new post was published on the Free Movement blog – Quick Q&A: EU settled status for family members of dual nationals

– A new research briefing was published by the Public Law ProjectEU citizen’s rights after a ‘no-deal’ Brexit: What does the law say?

– A new video was made available on the Institute of International & European Affairs website – Brexit: what comes next?

– New articles were published on the LSE Brexit blog, including the following – Three years on: the UK is paying a high economic price for its decision to leave the EU; Long read | Unsettled status? Vulnerable EU citizens may lose their UK residence overnight

– A new article was posted on the UCL Constitutional Unit blog – The Mechanics of a Further Referendum on Brexit Revisited: Questions for the New Parliament

– A new article was published on the Cosmopolis blog – UK Government plans for Self-Employed EU Citizens Working in the UK before Brexit

– New articles were published on the UK in a Changing Europe website, including the following – EU nationals feeling unwelcome in the UK; Election manifestos: a mandate to get Brexit done?; EU scrutiny, past, present and future; The importance of democratic control over immigration; Donald Tusk, the European Council, and Brexit

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