Brexit Highlights 25 – 31 March 2019

– New no-deal documents were published and some old documents were amended:

– The European Union Committee (House of Lords) produced a new report – Beyond Brexit: how to win friends and influence people

– The European Scrutiny Committee (House of Commons) published a new report – Sixtieth Report of Session 2017–19

– The Ministry of Justice published new sets of guidance – Cross-border civil and commercial legal cases after Brexit: Guidance for legal professionals; Family law disputes involving EU after Brexit: guidance for legal professionals

– The Intellectual Property Office updated its guidance – IP and Brexit: the facts

– The House of Commons Library produced new research briefings and blog posts – United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union (29 March 2019); UK progress in rolling over EU trade agreements; The EU agrees to delay Brexit – but for how long?; EU ‘exit day’ is changed in UK law

– New articles were published on the Scottish Parliament Information Centre blog – The UK’s accession to the Government Procurement Agreement of the WTO; The UK’s accession to the Government Procurement Agreement of the WTO – part 2

– The European Commission published a new press release related to Brexit – Brexit preparedness: EU completes preparations for possible “no-deal” scenario on 12 April

Speech by Michel Barnier at the College of Europe in Natolin, “Europe after Brexit” was made available.

– A new podcast is available on the Law Society website – Data protection and Brexit

– A new post was published on the Brick Court Chambers Brexit Law blog – EU law does not compel UK to participate in European Parliament elections

– New Brexit-themed articles were published on the Free Movement blog – Unrecognised adoptions can attract EU free movement rights; Brexit delayed: what does it mean for lawyers?

– New articles were published on the Public Law for Everyone blog – Revoking Article 50: Legislating to take a no-deal Brexit off the table; Redefining ‘exit day’ in domestic law; What if ‘exit day’ is not redefined in domestic law?; Did the UK Government act unlawfully by extending Article 50?; Meaningful Vote 3: The legal implications of separating the Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration

– New articles were posted on the UK Constitutional Law Association blog – Alexandra Sinclair and Joe Tomlinson: Brexit, Primary Legislation, and Statutory Instruments: Everything in Its Right Place?; Richard Lang: Consequences of the Extension Deal: A Reply to Professor Allott; Philip Allott: Unexpected Denouement. The UK Remains in the EU by Mistake. The Brexit Saga Could Run and Run

– A new article was published on the Joint Brussels Office of the Law Societies website – Brexit: where to next for the UK & EU?

– New articles were published on the LSE Brexit blog, including the following – WTO tariffs in a no-deal Brexit: what the impact would be; What should replace EU regional development funds after Brexit?; We can and should revoke Article 50: here’s how to do it

– New Brexit-articles were published on the Full Fact website – You can’t have an “implementation period” after Brexit without a deal; Is it possible to repeatedly sign a parliamentary petition using the same email address?

– New articles were published on the Constitution Unit (UCL) website – Could innovative voting rules break parliament’s Brexit impasse?; How did parliament get into this Brexit mess, and how can it get out?

– New articles were published on the EU Law Analysis blog – Citizens of Somewhere Else? EU citizenship and loss of Member State nationality; Guardianship, free movement and the rights of the child: the SM judgment

– The Institute for Government published a new report – The Brexit Effect. How government has changed since the EU referendum

– New articles were published on the UK in a Changing Europe website, including the following There’s no clear path through Britain’s Brexit maze; Academic thinktank releases comprehensive report on the two-year Article 50 process; MPs want Brexit à la carte. Let’s hope they know the unicorn’s off


New Brexit-related articles were published in the Public Law and the Law Society Gazette.

Catherine Barnard and Amy Ludlow, ‘”Undeserving” EU Migrants “Milking Britain’s Benefits”? EU Citizens Before Social Security Tribunals’ [April 2019] Public Law 260–280.

Max Walters, ‘EU exemption cull for no-deal Brexit’ [25 March 2019] LSG 4.

Jonathan Goldsmith, ‘Facing our post-Brexit future’ [25 March 2019] LSG 17.

Marialuisa Taddia, ‘Paid to Persuade. For decades, government and public affairs practices in UK law firms trailed US-style lawyer-lobbyists. But with Brexit looming large they have been catching up’ [25 March 2019] LSG 18–21.

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