Brexit Highlights 10 – 16 December 2018

– A judgment was given in The UK withdrawal from the European Union (legal continuity) (Scotland) bill – A Reference by the Attorney General and the Advocate General for Scotland (Scotland)

– The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee (House of Commons) published a new report – The response from business to the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration

– The Exiting the European Union Committee (House of Commons) produced a new report – The progress of the UK’s negotiations on EU withdrawal – The Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration

– The Treasury Committee (House of Commons) published a new report – The UK’s economic relationship with the European Union: The Government’s and Bank of England’s Withdrawal Agreement analyses

– The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee produced a new report – The Role of Parliament in the UK Constitution Interim Report – The Status and Effect of Confidence Motions and the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011

– The European Scrutiny Committee (House of Commons) published a new report Forty-seventh Report of Session 2017–19

– The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport published new guidance – Data Protection EU Exit Guidance; Amendments to UK data protection law in the event the UK leaves the EU without a deal on 29 March 2019

– The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and Environment Agency published new guidance – Fluorinated gases and ozone-depleting substances: how to do business if the UK leaves the EU with no deal

– The Department for International Trade published new guidance – Trade Bill factsheet: providing continuity and maintaining standards in UK trade agreements

– The House of Commons Library published several research briefings – Brexit: Article 50 TEU at the CJEU; State aid, public ownership and workers rights after the UK leaves the EU

– The House of Lords Library published a new research briefing – Adjournment of the House of Lords Debate on the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration

– New posts were published on the House of Commons Library blog – What does the Withdrawal Agreement say about citizens’ rights?; The backstop explained

– A new post was published on the National Assembly for Wales Research Service blog – Equality and human rights in Wales after Brexit: an update; Meaningful votes in Westminster and Wales – the latest

– The Publication Office of the European Union published a new document – Seven things you need to know when travelling between the UK and the EU after Brexit [In the event of no deal]

– A new article was posted on the Brick Court Chambers Brexit Law blog – The ‘Norway’ model for the UK after Brexit

– A new post was published on the Monckton Brexit blog – Does Wightman mean that Miller was decided incorrectly?

– A new article was published on the BrexitLawNI bog – Protecting the Rights of Individuals in Northern Ireland under the Draft Withdrawal Agreement – some preliminary observations

– New articles were posted on the European Law blogCase C-621/18, Wightman v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union: The European Court of Justice confirms that Article 50 notification can be unilaterally revoked; Dispute Settlement and Interpretation in the Draft Framework Agreement between Switzerland and the EU

– A new post was published on the Public Law for EveryoneThe Supreme Court’s judgment in the Scottish Continuity Bill case

– New posts were posted on the Centre on Constitutional Change blog – Brexit, Borders and Backstops; Beyond the backstop: understanding Unionist sentiment in the Brexit debate; Brexit and the Irish backstop: Where are we now?

– New articles were published on the EU Law Analysis blog – Devolved powers and EU withdrawal: Scotching the worst impacts of Brexit?; Brexit II? The legal issues of revoking the notification to leave the EU but then notifying to leave again

– New articles were published on the UK in a Changing Europe, including the following – Revoking Article 50 after the ECJ’s ruling; Constitutional overload in the UK; Brexit and dispute resolution: the UK’s mini victory?

– New articles were posted on the LSE Brexit blog – A second referendum: what question to ask – and when to do it?; A way out of the Brexit chaos? Parliament should install a national government

– A new article was published on the UK Constitutional Law Association blog – Kenneth Armstrong: The Advent of Brexit – Can It Be Paused?

– A new report was published by the Institute of International and European AffairsThe Brexit Endgame: Key Challenges Ahead – Perspectives from Germany, Ireland and Scotland


– New Brexit-related articles were published in the Public Law:

David Blair, ‘Constitutional importance and permission for judicial review in the Court of Session: Wightman v Advocate General’ (January 2019) 1 P.L. 9–16.

Mark Elliott and Stephen Tierney, ‘Political pragmatism and constitutional principle: The European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018’ (January 2019) 1 P.L. 37–60.

Asif Hameed, ‘The rule of recognition and sources of law in Miller’ (January 2019) 1 P.L. 61–81.

Stephanie Pywell, ‘Something old, something new: busting some myths about statutory instruments and Brexit’ (January 2019) 1 P.L. 102–120.

Gavin Smith, David Hodson and Valentine Le Grice QC, ‘Brexit and international family law: a pragmatic approach to divorce and maintenance’ (December 2018) 48 Fam. Law 1554–1563.

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