Brexit Highlights 19 – 25 March 2018

– Several House of Commons committees produced new reports this week:

– An updated version of the Draft Agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community was published. This text highlights the progress made in the negotiation round with the UK of 16-19 March 2018.

– The European Council adopted the guidelines on the framework for a future relationship with the UK after Brexit

– A study – Future trade relations between the EU and the UK: options after Brexit [INTA committee, European Parliament] – was published.

– The House of Commons library produced new research briefings – Effect on the NHS of the UK leaving the EU; Brexit: the draft withdrawal agreement; Brexit: devolved legislature business; Legislating for Brexit: EU decisions

– The House of Lords library produced a new research briefing – Leaving the EU: Health and Welfare of UK Citizens and Residents

–  A new blog post was published on the European law blog – Case C-355/16 Picart: The narrow interpretation of the Swiss-EU Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons as a lesson for Brexit?

– A recorded audio podcast from a LSE public lecture – The Brexit Negotiations: the view from Brussels – was made available. The key speaker was Stefaan De Rynck, senior advisor of Michel Barnier, Chief EU Negotiator for Brexit, in charge of public engagement strategy and relations with think tank.

– A Brexit-related podcast was made available by 1 Crown Office RowThe Draft EU Withdrawal Agreement – line by line.

– Several Brexit-related posts were published on the Free Movement blog – Brexit: settled status and citizens’ rights – what has been agreed?; Court of Session case on blocking Brexit goes to full hearing

– A new post was published on the Welsh Brexit blog (Cardiff University) – The implications of Brexit for Wales and devolution

– A new article was added to the Queen’s on Brexit blog – The island of Ireland and “Brexit” –a legal-political critique of the draft withdrawal agreement

– Professor Steve Peers (University of Essex) wrote an article for the EU Law Analysis blog – A Bridge to Nowhere? The Brexit transition period: analysis and annotation


Two new Brexit-related articles were published in the Law Society Gazette and one in the European Business Law Review:

  • A Brexit disconnect. Public Servants understand minutiae, but are ministers listening?’ [19 March 2018] L.S.G. 11.
  • Eduardo Reyes, ‘Exit wounds. As Brexit looms, Eduardo Reyes finds lawyers at the latest Gazette roundtable urgently trying to influence policymakers while preparing for a turbulent and uncertain future’ [19 March 2018] L.S.G. 13-17.
  • Daniel Cash, ‘Credit Rating Agency Regulation in the UK If and When Article 50 is Invoked: Round Holes for a Square Peg?’ (February 2018) 29 (1) E.B.L.Rev. 59–75.

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