Brexit Highlights 31 July – 6 August 2017

– A call for evidence and briefing note from the Migration Advisory Committee on the economic and social impact of the UK’s exit from the EU: EEA-workers in the UK labour market (4/8/17) was published on the Government website.

The External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee (The National Assembly for Wales) published the Inquiry into the implications of Brexit for Welsh ports (4/8/17)

-The House of Commons Library produced several research briefings –  Importance of trade with the EU for UK industries (1/8/17); Brexit: the July negotiations (2/8/17); Employment of other EU nationals in the UK (3/8/17)

– A new blog post was sent on The European Law Blog A Joint EU-UK court for citizens’ rights: A viable option after and beyond Brexit? written by Oliver Garner, a PhD Researcher in the Law Department of the European University Institute.

– Rhodri Thompson QC wrote a post on Matrix Brexit Hub – ‘Need not…but may…’ – a red line in the sand? Clause 6 of The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill (1/8/17)

– George Peretz QC published his post on Monckton Chambers’ Brexit BlogThe EU (Withdrawal) Bill: Implications for VAT Practitioners (1/8/17)


– Paul Stanley QC wrote an article for the Solicitors’ Journal in which he argues that ‘as a member state that is shortly to become a non-member state, the UK must take a keen interest in the CJEU opinion on a free trade with Singapore’ – Paul Stanley QC, ‘Competence to conclude free trade agreements’ (1 August 2017) 161 (30) S. J. 25.

– Monidipa Fouzder wrote an article for the Law Society Gazette – Monidipa Fouzder, ‘Litigation can thrive in Brexit Britain – LCJ’ [31 July 2017] L.S.G. 4.


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